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featurepointsSo I’ve been using the Feature Points app on my iPhone for awhile now and I just love it because it is EASY FREE MONEY. You download other free apps through the FP app. Use them for 1 minute then you can keep them or delete them off your phone for forever. I turned into an app downloading frenzy and have so many cool apps. You get paid for every app you download which you can cash out for giftcards or even better – Paypal cash!


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“To all that come to this happy place, welcome!” – Walt Disney

Hello! Welcome to Saving Money For Disney. I’m a mom of three amazing boys and we live in the Midwest. I am addicted to going to Walt Disney World. I really am! However, when you price out that vacation, the number is a little scary sometimes. The struggle is real. I will save up change for a year to buy my kids souvenirs. I will eat PB & J for a month for a dining reservation in Cinderella’s Castle. This site is for all of the other people out there that are looking to save some money to make their Disney wishes come true!